The Buzz of Bangkok

Bangkok, this is where my crazy summer started. This city is vibrant, loud and exciting. When I first arrived I didn’t know what to expect but soon found out that everything there is unexpected, from the foods to the crazy wonderful people.

On day 1, we went up the Sky Tower in Bangkok which was incredible! If you’re afraid of heights, probably not the best place to go as it is one of the tallest buildings in the entire city, but if you can manage to get to the top, it is so worth it to see the view. The top floor has a revolving platform that circles the building giving you a 360* view of Bangkok (greatest idea ever). I recommend going in the evening because that is when the entire city lights up and you can see for miles and miles, Bangkok as far as the eye could see. Highly recommend – (they’ve also got a great bar there too which again has an awesome view and also chairs that light up, so over the top.. I love it)!!

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Once we’d settled in to our Hostel – The Wild Orchid Villa , which is located right in the middle of the city, just a short walk from the famous Khao San Road, we decided to do a little exploring, and wandered about the streets, stumbling upon roads full of market stalls selling everything from scorpions to floaty elephant trousers, which you get used to seeing because every other person you walk past will have some type of elephant patterned clothing, its a thing haha.

That evening, we decided to have a big night out on Khao San Road and make the most of everything it had to offer. We had pre drinks at a bar right next to ‘The Club’ that we later made our way too, and many cocktail buckets and chang beer later we had started doing the YMCA and the Macarena in the middle of the street, to which a more and more people started to stop and film us. This escalated from 2 or 3 people to crowds of people with everyone clapping and cheering, which just meant this carried on for a lot longer that we anticipated but ‘you gotta give the people what they want’ and it was buckets of fun 😉 – sorry had to throw a pun in there, couldn’t help myself.

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After our eventful night, we felt that having a cultural day was just what the doctor ordered, and so with that we saw 3 beautiful temples, which were absolutely stunning. The detailed architecture and colours weren’t like anything I had seen before. Listening to the history of these temples and what they represent to the people of Thailand was truly inspiring and gave a different perspective on how people in South East Asia live in comparison to European countries and Western Society.

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The rest of our time here in Bangkok was spent learning how to make thai food; we learnt how to cook a delicious Pad Thai and other amazing dishes which only increased my already huge love of Thai food. We definitely went overboard with the massages, but when there on every corner, just calling your name and only 100 baht (£3!!), it would be silly to say no.. right.

We survived our final ride on the Tuk Tuks, which were so fun, they are so speedy and nothing will stop these little things, not traffic, intersections, oncoming cars, you name it, that Tuk Tuk is not slowing down! We said a final farewell to the people at the hostel, packed our stuff and made our way to the crazy overnight train, where we were to spend the next 12 hours travelling south through Thailand to Khao Sok National Park, and its safe to say that it definitely lived up to its expectations.

Bangkok you were crazy, next stop Khao Sok!


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