Life Update


It’s been one hell of a year.

After coming back from my travels around South East Asia and Europe last summer, September rolled around, and I realised it was time to start working again, start earning some money, start setting the next goal.

In October, I started an internship at an Investment Company. It was new, eye-opening, nerve-wracking at times, but something that helped me to step out of my comfort zone. Whilst working here, I started thinking about what I was going to do with the money I was starting to save. Travel was always on the agenda, it was just a question of where to go … a lovely yet difficult task. After a few weeks, I decided that Australia and New Zealand were the next things to tick off the bucket list. I had always wanted to go, I had family friends and friends from school who lived their, both my parents had been there before when they were my age, so by putting all these pieces together, the decision was practically made for me. Now it was just a question of making this dream become a reality.

After 3 months of saving, working weekend jobs alongside my internship, and a lot of discipline, my flights to New Zealand and Australia were booked. February 2018, marked the beginning of my 4-month adventure.

February: 1 Month in New Zealand, travelling both the North and South Islands.

March-May: 3 Months in Australia, travelling up the entire East Coast.

One more thing happened whilst I was away. I decided that with 2 weeks to go before my flight back home, I still had some time and some money saved, so what did I decide to do with it … I chose to go somewhere that I never thought I’d get to go to and that was FIJI!!

Even typing it, doesn’t seem real. So once I had finished travelling up the East Coast of Australia, I flew to Fiji and spent one week there, Island Hopping around 6 different islands. The perfect end to the best 4 months of my life.

After coming back from my travels at the beginning of June, I chose to spend the summer hanging out with some of my best friends, of which I hadn’t seen for the best part of 6 months. I started working again (your girl was broke after all that travelling) and just relaxing at home before starting the next big adventure, University.

This brings you to where I am today. There will be more blog posts of my recent travels and also of my travels from last summer, which I never got round to sharing with you. I will also be blogging about my experience here at University and about my course, Fashion Communication and Promotion.

Thank you for sticking till the very end, and I hope to be on here a lot more.

Life Update Complete!




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  1. Your life sounds like such an adventure! ✈️


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