Winter Trend Alerts AW18/19

So these last few months have seen us through some pretty interesting trends, to say the least. Cycling shorts, sportswear sunglasses, reflective jumpsuits and a whole lot of underboob. It’s fair to say Athleisure was a pretty clear winner throughout autumn but as soon as we started heading into winter, this is when the trends that I started noticing were some I could really get on board with and see actually being ‘wearable’.

Here a few of those trends:

  1. Oversized Jackets/Coats

I am here for this! Living in the UK, it’s fair to say it can get a little chilly in the winter (and summer, but we’re focusing on winter so back to the post). So the fact that big faux fur jackets, puffers, and overcoats are a thing, all I can say is thank god for whoever started this… I love you! I recently treated myself to the IAMGIA pixie jacket, and I am obsessed, I feel like a teddy bear whenever I wear it.

 2.  Hats, Hats, Hats

Hats have always been in the game, it’s just which style is currently dominating the table. First, it was baseball hats, then beanies, now its baker boy hats, berets, and bucket hats. There’s a whole variety out there to play with, so go wild and have fun.

  1. Bumbags

This was something I’ve started to come around too. Initially, it was used by serious campers and parents who thought the hand’s free look was everything and practical which, if you think about it, it is. But it was also something I realised I needed when I became a Uni student, nights out specifically! It’s is also something I wish I had when I was travelling, super handy! They do so many designs now, it really is becoming a staple in people’s wardrobes, whether you want to splurge on a designer one or stick to high street brands, I actually suggest hopping on this if you haven’t. (I got mine from Urban Outfitters, on sale might I add, #studentlife)

  1. Chunky shoes and I mean chunky

We are seeing this everywhere and from multiple brands such as FILA, Balenziaga, Nike, Adidas, Doc Martins, you name it. I do see the appeal of the trend and it really suits some people. I have a few friends who rock them so well, I, on the other hand, struggle a little as I have quite long legs and slim feet, so chunky trainers and Doc Martins on me do tend to look a little funky, but it’s a trend I think will continue on into the spring.

  1. Animal Print

Don’t even think this needs an introduction. Animal print has taken over and it is here to stay. Spice Girl vibes all around. This is also a trend that is super easy to carry over into Spring and Summer, whether that’s a snakeskin bodysuit, super easy to layer in the colder months and a perfect addition to someone building there spring summer wardrobe, or opting for the slightly summery option, such as swimwear. I’ve started to see brands bringing out their leopard print swimsuits and bikinis again, THANK YOU!!

That is my round up of a few trends that I have been seeing and a few that I think will transition into the coming seasons.


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  1. theswejournal says:

    I’m petite so the oversized jackets and chunky shoes just looks real funny on me unfortunately hehe, but I do love a good animal print and a bold lipstick!

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