Nostalgic Contradiction

We have been doing a lot of different projects at uni recently, based on the different stages of the FCP process (Fashion Communication & Promotion process). So our final project of the year was to do a group photoshoot based around 5 words we had come up with, after interpreting a specific fashion editorial in our seminar. Our photo shoot was, Laurie Bartley’s photoshoot for Vogue in 2005 and our concept was ‘Larger than Life’.


We spent 5 minutes all writing down as many words as we could think of to describe this shoot, the things we could see, how it made us feel, what was the colour palette etc. After comparing words and notes, our group narrowed down and picked our 5 favourite words we had come up with and then proceeded to go into more depth on these 5 words.

After a lot of deliberation and thesaurus searching, we finally came up with our 5 words we would base our photoshoot around, these words were: Cinematic, Raw, Fierce, Duality, Evocative. 

We all thought up a few different mood board ideas of what we could do that would best emulate all of these words, and here are a few mockups.



We finally decided that our photo shoot would be based around a businessman, feeling nostalgic about his childhood days and slowly letting go.

image 1 image 2image 3


ARTIST STATEMENT: Nostalgic Contradiction

Five Key Words – Cinematic, Evocative, Fierce, Raw, Duality

Accessory – Glasses

Telling a story of nostalgia surrounding British childhood contrasting the seriousness of adulthood.

Our images display serious emotions contrasting playful reactions with two closer images of a male and one showing a full body image. The rigid pose displays adulthood, and movement highlights childhood. Representing duality through contrasts of adulthood versus childhood, close up versus full body, single versus multiple, movement versus static etc. Evocative is displayed through feelings of nostalgia and facial expressions. Poses and childish style communicate cinematic thoughts. Emotions and the gritty location demonstrate our ideas around the word raw. Fierce is shown through the statement of a suit and concepts that are not considered masculine. As a group, we decided that the lighting worked well with the photographs making them aesthetically pleasing. We edited the photographs together on Photoshop, adjusting the lighting and contrast to get our desired effect.



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