Bali Travel Diaries – Canggu to Lovina

I was really excited for this next part of our trip, on our way to where we would be staying for the next few days, we stopped off at 2 of the most recognised ancient temples in Bali. These temples were breathtaking! One was not on land but, surrounded by a moat of water. So the tide determined when the monks would be able to access the temple. There were also a few little monkeys having a nose around these temples which just added to the whole experience. If you do go to these temples, and you are English, get ready to be papped by a lot of locals, they love the English and tourists, so get your smiles at the ready as you are going to be asked for a lot of photos.

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We shopped at a few local markets before heading to our villa high up in the mountains. It was surrounded by rice paddies and had a view of the ocean from the infinity pool. It was the most tranquil and beautiful place I had ever stayed in and I wish every day that I could go back. Our time at this villa consisted of waking up, jumping into the pool, relaxing and then setting off on our activity for the day. Today was the day we would get to see some dolphins! So after our delicious breakfast, we drove down to the beach where we all hopped onto these traditional Balinese outrigger boats and cruised the beautiful coastline spotting wild dolphins and snorkeling with them. There were about 10 boats in the water, with roughly 6 people on each, and it was just a waiting game really, sometimes we’d see a splash in the water 50 meters or so away from us, and suddenly all the boats would dash in that direction, and then suddenly there would be another splash behind us, it was as if the Dolphins were playing hide and seek with us, it was funny and beautiful to watch.


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Afterwards, we visited a local family, where we were able to get a hands-on experience of how they weave their baskets, which we got to have a go at too. We were shown how they produced their coffee and learnt about the traditional Balinese life before we headed back to our villa. This was by far one of the best parts of my trip. Sometimes when you’re travelling, it can be so easy to forget that wherever you are, what you might be calling your travel destination or holiday, someone else calls their home. We got to hang out with children, sing with them, play with their 2 puppies and have coffee rubbed all over our faces. One of the daughters had Instagram believe it or not, so we exchanged usernames and that’s why I love social media, it can connect so many amazing cultures and people from different backgrounds, and you are able to stay in contact with them and make connections with people that you otherwise would never have remembered or met.

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During our time in Lovina, we also got to spend time and swim at an incredible waterfall deep in the rainforest. It takes about 20 minutes to walk there, and there are a lot of steps, so be warned. But it is so worth the walk, the waterfall is huge and so powerful.

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It was time to then leave the mainland and make our way to the stunning Gili Islands. See you then.



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