Finding a healthy routine

Since leaving school, my ‘routine’ became non-existent. When I worked full-time jobs, my routine would just revolve around getting up at a certain time, knowing what days I’d be busy and when I’d be free. But when I left to go travelling, the whole routine thing kind of just went out the window, as everything was based on me being flexible and spontaneous. So since starting University, I really tried to get into the flow of things and find my little routine, but I really struggled, so I’m hoping that after having a few weeks off, and the refreshing start of a new year, I will find one. So here are 5 small but effective things I want to start doing, to see if it will help and whether I’ll feel better and more productive in the long run.

1. Going to bed and getting up at roughly the same time every day

This is something I definitely struggled with at the beginning of Uni, be it because of going out and being hungover (just being real with you guys) or not knowing what to do that day, or just having those days where you just feel a bit blah, you know. I really want to work on this and get my body on track with its own clock, so that I can naturally wake up at a decent time without having to set an alarm.

2. Doing some form of exercise every day

Whether that is going to the gym every day for 30-45 minutes or just going on a walk around the city, I really want to get back on track with my fitness so that I can use it as a way to de-stress and improve my fitness for Netball (as I play for my University) but to also help me feel better, healthier and happier in my own skin, something I have struggled with over the last few years.

3. Cutting back on junk food

Now I know that this isn’t considered part of a routine, but eating healthily and drinking a lot of water has amazing benefits and is just all round something I need to get better at doing. Waking up and having a filling breakfast, lunch and a healthy dinner. I have already told myself no late night food after nights out (yes McDonald’s, I’m talking about you).

4. Drinking an entire bottle/glass of water every morning

My skin has been acting up a lot recently due to stress, hormones, nothing out of the ordinary but I really want to get it back on track and feel secure in my own skin, and feeling like I don’t have to wear makeup every day to feel happy about myself. So skin care is the first step for me and making sure that I drink a lot more water.

5. Knowing when to be in Work Mode

So this is a big one too. Being at University, you haven’t got people telling you what to do all the time and when you need to be doing work. It is a very independent form of studying and so from now on, I would like to treat my entire week as a ‘work week’, and then have my weekends off. As I’m sure a lot of you can relate, it is very easy to just put something aside and leave it for another day, but we all know in the long run, that never works, so I want to tell myself that I am going to work when I need to and not leave things to the last minute.


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  1. Janel Comeau says:

    I really struggle with establishing a routine at all when I’m not working full-time – my schedule tends to become totally chaotic and random. This is definitely something that I’m also working on!

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