Bali Travel Diaries – The Gili Islands

Now it’s time for possibly the best and most exciting few days I had during my time in Bali.


We drove to the west coast of Bali to catch our ferry over the Gili Trawangan, the largest island of the 3, and where everyone goes to first. This ferry ride was about 3 hours long, and I recommend getting on and just forcing yourself to go to sleep because it can get very choppy and there aren’t too many windows so sleeping is the best thing if you are prone to motion sickness. I personally don’t get motion sickness but sleeping definitely made the journey a lot quicker. So queue the headphones and power nap!

Once we arrived, we jumped off the boat, and I’m not just saying that instead of ‘getting off’ we literally had to we walked to our accommodation which was a little Irish pub/B&B which was really lively at the bar because there was a rugby match on. The rooms were really nice, I shared with 2 other girls who were so lovely and were from the UK too so we had a lot in common.


Now, due to the amount that we did whilst we were in the Gili Islands, the days tended to blur together as ‘island time’ is a real thing! So let me break down what we did over those days so hopefully, you guys can understand and also maybe get some inspiration for what you could do if you go here!

On Gili T, we went diving, which I had done before when I was younger, and I was super excited to go again. I was going to try and get my PADI, which if any of you don’t know what that is, it is a diving qualification which allows you to dive by yourself up to a certain depth. Due to only being on the island for a short amount of time, I wasn’t able to do it, so just stuck to the intro dives with everyone else, but it was still beautiful and I finally got to see a turtle!! I called him Crush, I had to, I mean hello, Finding Nemo. For the people that didn’t want to go diving, they did go snorkeling and we were able to join them later on after we had finished diving. We went on a glass bottom boat and went over to Gili Air, another one of the nearby islands, and went swimming around all the little reefs, and jumped off the top of the boat too. Such an awesome day!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


On another day we explored all of the little boutiques and shops they have on the island, ate some local food and just relaxed on the beach, soaked in the sun, and just chilled which was so nice as we had had a few pretty jam-packed days. In the evening we did go on a bike ride around the island because it is so small, you can cycle round in about an hour. Also, at the other end of the island are all of the famous swings you see in the water, so of course we couldn’t pass up this opportunity. We got there just in time for sunset, lounged on the bean bags they had there, ate some really good food, had a few drinks and just watched the sunset and took pictures on the swing. It was an all-around great day and really puts you in the ‘Bali’ mindset.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Whilst we were on the island, we also took full advantage of the nightlife there. It is super crazy and fun, something that is definitely one of the things that brings people to Gili Trawangan specifically. There are so many bars and clubs so it is really is just whatever you fancy going to that evening. One bar is just filled with beer pong tables, so you go there to pre-drink before you go to a club, and it is super fun, I played with a few of my friends that I had made out there and the tour guide I was with. My team won, just saying!


After having an absolute blast on these islands, it was time to say goodbye and get the ferry back to the mainland.

Up next, our final destination, Ubud.






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