Bali Travel Diaries – Ubud

My travels around South East Asia and Indonesia are starting to come to an end. Our final destination was the tranquil town of Ubud.

It was such a nice change coming back from such a vibrant and busy island. It was as if we were on a little retreat, here to just relax, do some Yoga and see some monkeys. The Monkey Sanctuary was right down the street from where we were staying which was super handy. I didn’t know if I was excited or nervous after we had read all of the warnings and signs before you go in: Do not make eye contact with them, They can be aggressive, They do Bite … this rather terrifying list seemed to keep going on and on. Nonetheless, we walked in and the first thing we saw was a baby monkey with its mother, it was the sweetest thing, and I was straight back to being excited. In this sanctuary, the monkeys do just roam about around you of their own accord so keep a hold of your bags and sunglasses, or they’ll go missing before you’ve even had the chance to walk in.

I’m afraid I didn’t get any other pictures as I was too afraid of a monkey stealing my phone with all of my pictures from South East Asia on it, so I kept it firmly in my pocket, but take my word for it, it is definitely somewhere you want to visit if you do go to Ubud.

Our second to last day was an early start. Today we would be trekking up a Volcano to see the sunrise from the top. Now, this is slightly different from the relaxed itinerary we thought we’d be having but it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. So, we got up at 1am, all hopped onto the bus to take us to the base of the Mt Batur, and started the climb. The trek took about 4 hours to get to the top, but we did actually get up there a little too quickly, so made ourselves comfortable and drank some hot chocolate whilst we waited for the sunrise.

Now, the picture you have all been waiting for …  the first glimpses of the sun as it appears through the clouds, and as it clears, a crystal clear view of Bali below us … no, we didn’t have that. Annoyingly, it was cloudy the ENTIRE time we were at the top. But some of my friends have trekked that volcano and I’ll show you what the view should’ve looked like.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


It was still such an amazing experience, despite the bad luck we had. After we walked back down and were taken back to our little hostel, we just relaxed, had massages and ate acai bowls for the remainder of the time we all had left together in Bali.

Saying goodbye to everyone was so hard! You really do make a family when you go travelling and I am still in contact with some of them now, 2 years later!

Overall, South East Asia will always go down as my first set of backpacker travels, it will always have a close place in my heart, and going through all these photos again is really making me want to go back and explore everywhere I missed.

I hope you guys have enjoyed my little travel series I have done and don’t worry there are a lot more to come!


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