Candice Neistat: Being a Girl Boss

I recently came across this YouTube video and I just had to tell you guys about it.

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[URL: The Real Candice Pool Neistat]

[Her company: Finn Jewellery]

If you are someone who has ever thought about what it’s like to set up your own business, be an entrepreneur or are just nosey and want to see how other people have done it, then check this video out. It’s super inspiring and really interesting.

This video is about a woman called Candice Neistat (wife of Casey Neistat, for all my vlogger fans out there), and she just talks about all of the little businesses she had growing up as a child, such as having a lemonade stand and wanting it to be the nicest one in her neighbourhood, to now owning her own Jewellery business called Finn Jewellery.

She interned in New York when she was in college, for an Ad agency and hated it, she was so bored, till one day she saw all of this extra leather lying about from recent project they had done and  decided to start making leather cuffs with it. She met with Patricia Field, the lead costume designer for Sex and The City, and managed to sell 100 of them just by walking through the door.

I don’t want to give the entire video away because it is a really good video, but she is now 15 years into a business that she set up with her friend when she only thought it would last a few years. It was very insightful and inspiring to watch and has made me think about the idea of having my own business one day.

Who knows, watch this space …


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