New York Diaries: Day 4

As much as I would love to say that we woke up early and made the most of our morning, in reality, our late night got the best of us, and we slept through our alarm. So with our little set back we really wanted to make the most out of our day. We decided to head downtown and visit Ground Zero,  Today was the day that we went to Ground Zero. The 9/11 Memorial is something that I have been wanting to go to for a while now.

So we got our go-to order at the Speedy Cafe (we’re practically regular customers now), managed to hail a cab and made our way to Ground Zero. We were dropped off a few blocks away, walked up the street, and suddenly to our right, we were greeted with the immense size of The World Trade Centre. As we walked closer, the realisation of where we were started to sink in. Thousands of people come here every year to pay their respects and I was able to be one them this year. I remember asking my mum about 9/11 and asking her where she was when it happened. On the 11th September 2001, my mum was walking down the streets of London, with myself and my sister aged 3 in our twin buggy, and something caught her eye. She walked past a window of Televisions, that was showing a new action movie … wait, why has the news suddenly come on … that wasn’t a movie … that was an attack on the Twin Towers in America and was happening live. She could not believe her eyes.

We went to the museum to find out more about what had happened and the re-build of this life-changing event. Seeing all of the photographs and original structures that remained was very overwhelming and I couldn’t believe how much they had salvaged and what was still standing, such as the “Survivor’s Stairs” which once connected the northern edge of the World Trade Centre’s Austin J. Tobin Plaza to the Versey Street below, and some of the original foundations of the Twin Towers.

This experience was something I will never forget. My heart goes out to everyone that lost a loved one, words cannot begin to describe how that must have felt, and I wish you every happiness and luck this world can bring you.


Once we had gathered our emotions and been around the entire museum, we made our way outside and walked over to the Hudson River to see the Statue of Liberty. I’m afraid as we were still pretty far away, I could not get a very good picture of Lady Liberty herself, so you guys are going to have to use your imagination (but I’m sure you guys already know what she looks like!).

The last thing on our list of things to do today was to visit the Brooklyn Bridge, so with a race against the clock and slowly losing daylight, we knew we didn’t have enough time to walk there, so it was finally time to take the plunge below ground and take the Subway to Brooklyn. Again, another big fat tick off the bucket list, we made it in one piece and didn’t get lost, I’d say that’s a pretty big achievement for 3 people who have never taken the subway.

We went from ‘Bowling Green’ to ‘Borough Hall’ and then walked to the bridge. We made it, the sun was just setting and we took in the amazing views of the New York Skyline, and of course, had to get a few pictures, okay maybe a lot of pictures. Enjoy!

img_4735 2

After our fingers and faces couldn’t take the cold anymore, it was now – 2 degrees, we got back on the Subway and headed back uptown to our hotel. Now this journey was a little more confusing I have to say, so after some nervous chatter between us trying to figure out where we were supposed to get off, a really lovely guy sitting next to me offered his help, as he was getting off at the same spot. He was born and raised in New York, and we weirdly found that we had a lot in common. He was a twin, which I mean is rare in itself to come across someone else who is a twin, let alone in the Subway, but just to add to the weirdness, he was also the younger twin, with a considerable time difference between him and his brother, which is the same as my sister and I, and they were non-identical, and yes you guessed it, I’m non-identical … freaky!

So with that little impromptu conversation with the twin from the subway, I annoyingly forgot to ask his name, we walked back up to the surface and ran back to the warmth of our hotel.

Now our day did not end there … we have been watching movies since getting back, made a late night trip to ‘Bread & Butter’ – highly recommend, they seem to have everything from Sushi to Pastries, and are open 24/7, great for a little late night fix, and watched The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, I mean we had to, we’re in New York.

Catch you guys in my next post.


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