New York Diaries: Day 5

Today marks our last full day in New York City. We started our day a little earlier you’d be glad to know. It was due to snow a little last night so we jumped out of bed to see if it had, but it wasn’t cold enough for it to settle, so that was little disappointing but none the less we wrapped up, and the first stop on the list was Washington Square Park. We headed to Bread & Butter, picked up some pastries and set off on our walk downtown.

When we got to the park, we saw the famous Washington Square Arch and whilst we were there, we met a former student from NYU who had created an app, and was giving people a $1 to download it. So you know we had to help a fellow student out, had a really nice chat with him, found out he had a Welsh name (his name was Owen, just a heads up) and that his mother was from Paris. I’m finding it crazy how friendly and open Americans are and how willing they are to chat and help you, it’s very refreshing and makes a change from the Tube, where no one makes eye contact or even wants to cough without annoying someone.

img_1850 2

Next on the agenda was Glossier. I was super excited to go here as you could tell from my blog post on them. I managed to pick up a few products and I’m loving them so far, really recommend the lip balm and their lip gloss. Also, their products and store are just so fricking pretty! It was a really cool concept of how you would choose and pay for your items. Instead of choosing your products and then going up to the till, you would tell one of the employees what you wanted and you would do the transaction then and there on an iPad, and pay on the spot. Then you would head over to their pick-up point, and the little bags would come down on a conveyor belt with your name on a sticker. It was so cool and innovative and made it more of an experience and different to any cosmetic store I’d ever been too.


Now, this next part is for all my ‘Friends’ lovers. As we were downtown, of course, we had to make a detour visit the famous Friends apartment and take a picture and touch the building, I mean come on, it’s Monica & Rachels apartment… and Pheobe’s and Chandler’s at one point too, but anyways, I used to watch these guys after school every day from 5pm till 7pm. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode at least three times each, so it’s fair to say I was quite excited to see the building.


Subway time. As we were going to Central Park & The Met, we decided that the Subway would be a lot quicker, so we got our tickets and headed from Christopher Street to Columbus Circle, about 7 stops. We are practically pro’s at this now, so if any of you guys are stuck at all or confused, just let us know!

We arrived at Central Park and decided we wanted to go Ice Skating, as this was a once in a lifetime thing, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Skates were a little painful, and I did feel like Bambi on ice for the first 10 minutes, but once I got into it, my friends and I decided that playing ‘It’ (Tag) on the ice would be fun, so that’s what we did. We whizzed around trying to catch either, weaving in and out of everyone, and I’m not going to lie, I did almost stack it but I recovered and made it in one piece.

img_49632019-01-19 02:17:46.859

Once we’d finished skating, we made our way to The Met but had to make a stop at Bethesda Foutain, where if you’ve seen any New York-based Rom Com, this fountain would most likely have made an appearance. Unfortunately, due to it being the middle of winter there was no water in the fountain, but the backdrop was beautiful and the lake had frozen over so that was pretty cool.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Our final destination on our list was The Met. When we got there we took pictures, yes, more pictures, we had to, Blair Waldorf would not have been impressed if we had passed up the opportunity to sit on those famous steps. So once our fingers had started to freeze off, we made our way in and saw the Egyptian, Native American and a few others. They were really interesting and the architecture of the building was incredible. There were a few exhibitions that we wanted to see but they weren’t on the day so a little disappointing but none the less, I really recommend coming here if you’re ever in New York City, even if you’re not a museum type person, the building itself was beautiful.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

After a long day, it was time to head back to the hotel. After practically singing all the way home, we did make a few little stops at a few stores on the way back, we’re girls, we had to, we picked up some slices of pizza from Little Italy and jumped straight into bed. So here’s goodnight to our last night in New York City, and I’ll speak to you guys tomorrow and tell you about what we got up to on our last morning.


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