Some of my Go-To recipes as a University Student

Having the Christmas Holidays and really just tucking into absolutely everything I saw, was the best thing ever, especially coming from University, where you’re trying to see how long you can last without having to do another food shop because you want to go out or buy that really nice pair of shoes. Whatever the excuse may be that week, I have a few Go-To meals that I make and shove in the fridge so that I am able to last a few extra days before the dreaded shop comes.

  1. Sweet Potato and Bean Bowl

Now, I have kind of modified this a bit now from the original recipe, but all it requires are a white onion, a few cans of red kidney beans, some sweet potatoes, and then whatever you want on top. Personally, I put greek yoghurt, avocado and siracha sauce on top. It tastes so good and lasts a few days after you’ve cooked it. If you do put avocado on it, and you’re making a big batch, don’t put it on all of it as it will just go brown after a few days, so only put it on one portion each time. You can put it in a wrap or a taco if you want, but I just wack it all into a bowl and call it an evening. All in all, takes about 20 minutes.

(I first found this recipe off of

2. Fajitas

Don’t think I need to say anything else, this meal is super easy, super delicious and again can last up to a few days in the fridge. All you need is chicken (normally), peppers, onion, taco/fajita seasoning, and then some guacamole, tomato salsa, sour cream, and cheese. The last 4 things are obviously optional but they really help and make it taste super yummy.

3. Stir Fry

My last go-to meal would have to be a stir fry. This meal is delicious and you can pretty much throw anything you want into it, and completely customise it. Whether you’re vegetarian, eat meat or just need to use up what’s left in the fridge. The ingredients are super easy and usually consist of your choice of meat or mushrooms, lots of veggies like peppers, bean sprouts, onions and then noodles … obviously, after that it’s again down to however you want to flavour that bad boy up. I personally choose soy sauce and sweet chili. They go with any stir fry I make and last ages in the cupboard.

These are only a few of the meals I make, and I will do a few more blog posts on different recipes I’ve been loving as the year goes on, because your girl LOVES food!

Have a great day!


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