Adererror: Their Story

For my final project of the year, here at University, I thought I would share my findings with you about a new brand that I had never heard of, and one that inspired me the most out of the brands we were given. If any of you reading this took part in my Instagram Polls, then you may have made it into my report, and if not, or you want to get involved next time then head on over there, and you be a part of it next time.

So, let’s get down to business … who is Adererror?


Adererror is a South Korean unisex brand. They launched in 2014 and are a brand based on fashion and simplicity. They focus on making their “contents simple but different to show the world a new horizon of design. Beyond fashion, we always think about how to positively influence people’s lifestyle.”

They started this brand to communicate with people and close the gap between genders. It comes across as serious yet playful with their silhouettes being “eighties-inspired and fantastically boxy”. Adererror doesn’t want to just be a fashion brand, they “aim to be techy, lifestyle and that little something more” and want to express their retro ideas with a futuristic factor.

Their main form of marketing is through social media, with over 600,000 followers combined over their three different Instagram handles all covering different aspects of the business. One for different brand content, upcoming collaborations, and store launches, the second is all about their product launches, and the third, how to style errors’ pieces.

Another form of marketing they like to do is by collaborating with different brands, such as Puma, G-Shock, and Kitsune and in 2019, they are continuing to do this with upcoming projects alongside Eastpak and Alpha Industries. As well as continuing to come out with a second and third season with Puma.



Located in Adererror’s head office in the Yongsan district of Seoul, they have an Idea Studio. is is a space where their ‘crew’ can get together and speak freely and come up with new ideas for upcoming collections and thoughts on what the future has in store for their label. This space has no rules, only that people must follow their ‘FINE’ rule when brainstorming ideas. Fun, Immediate, New and Easy.

The brand’s relationship with colour is also very important. The core of the Adererror brand is colour. They frequently use vibrant primary colours in order to communicate ideologies. They are most attracted to the colour blue and have made this their signature. Blue makes them “feel both warm and cold at the same time, it works harmoniously with many other colours and can stand strong in a sea of other colours without being lost”

Something that Adererror is really trying to incorporate into their brand is the use of technology. They believe they can break through limitations and look beyond human boundaries and into the relationship between man and machine. is is something that is apparent and shown in some of their collections from last year such as their FW18’s ‘A Web Space’ and SS18’s ‘A Mobile Space’. Tech iconography has now become a very key part of the brand’s aesthetic.

This is a brand that I would keep an eye out for, as I believe it has the potential to become a staple designer brand.



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