Fragrance Photoshoot

One of our uni projects was to come up with a new fragrance brand and the story it would tell. So part of our fragrance brief was to put together a photo shoot that could potentially be used as our marketing images.

We had been looking into the idea of having a chemical-based perfume, and so wanted to play on the negativity of that but try and make it look beautiful to be ironic. The name of our brand was ‘BAN’ – Beauty and Negativity.

We played around with different neon colours covering the lights, unusual angles, and hand placements, and we thought smoke would be very mysterious and would represent the negative substance, whilst having it look mesmerizing and delicate.

We did some slight post-production on the colour of the smoke, specifically the purple photograph, but other than that, what you see if what we were able to capture in the studio.

Here were our top three:

   red unamed 1 unnamed

We also made a GIF that we would use in possible social media marketing techniques.



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