Met Gala 2019 – Pt 1

I’m back with another two-part fashion review for you. Next on the Agenda, The Met Gala.

The first Monday in May is the annual Met Gala which brings fashion, film, and music altogether for one very special event. It is held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which I have been lucky enough to visit on my recent trip to New York earlier this year.

This year’s theme was ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’ and so I was really excited to see whether people would just go the most extravagant they could think of or really think about camp in a different way. Some looks were absolutely stunning and I’m here for 100%, others I thought were a little boring. Some were a mixture of the two. So let’s break this down. Starting off with my top 5 looks.

  1. Lady Gaga



2. Em Ratakowski


3. Kendall Jenner


4. Janelle Monae


5. Dua Lipa



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