Painting with Light

I learnt to play around with light exposure and shutter speeds during my photography a – level, and I really enjoyed it, so I wanted to try again, but see if I could create specific shapes as oppose to just having a random wave of light within a photo.

Here I came up with 4 different ways I wanted the light to be shown. 

I really wanted to have fun with it, so my first shot involved two people, so I could create the illusion of someone having superpowers.

The next two I wanted to be more creative and play around with the light going around her body and highlighting certain things. 

The last image is one of my favourites, as I found an image I wanted to recreate of fairy wings. I was able to create a glow effect and also stop the emitting light so I could create two different shapes in one shot.

There is no post-production with these photographs, these are straight from the camera!




028 edit

025 edit

023 edit

029 edit

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