Spring Energy

For my final project, we had to choose one of the three projects we had done earlier in the year (ASOS, & Other Stories or TSPTR) and come up with a different outcome by doing more research and using our feedback from the first time round to guide us.

I decided to re-do my & Other Stories Visual Merchandising Project.

Here’s what I came up with…

This story is inspired by the start of a new decade and wanting to look to the year ahead. The idea of starting fresh, and changing the path of something and starting something new or for the first time, is the story behind my visual merchandising display and graphics. 

Spring is a time for new beginnings and the start of something new. This is what inspired me to show flowers blooming and butterflies fluttering.  I want the consumer to come away feeling like they’ve experienced something new and beautiful. To get lost and encompassed by the energy of spring. 

&otherstories final edit window display

I chose to draw attention to one key piece from their edit. Their Green Satin Side Knot Midi Dress is one of the cult favourites and most wanted items. It complimented the colour palette as it is a great transitional colour from winter to spring. I wanted to show lots of different white flowers and all different sizes to create texture to the eye. The butterflies would be projected within the window from each corner. They would be holograms which will allow them to fly around and look realistic.

finsihed website mock

To link my window display and website together I drew key elements from the window and implemented them into the website. 

This page would also have little blue butterflies fluttering around the screen, to bring the XR element to life whilst shopping online at home or on the go. 

finsihed transition website page

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